Alonso and Ferrari at a critical point

Author of the article: , published September 25, 2014.

Tensions over the Singapore Grand Prix between Alonso and Ferrari are rising. It is known that the Spaniard stated some time ago that he wants to end his career at Ferrari, but now this is a less said move. Namely, this season Ferrari has already left Luca di Montezemolo and before him Stefano Domenicali, so the policy of the team from Maranello is changing dramatically.

The arrival of new team boss Marco Mattiacci and president Sergio Marchionne does not mean that Ferrari would quickly return to the top of Formula One. Namely, a change in the leading positions for the team does not mean anything good, but on the other hand, both of them demand results, for which they need a completely dedicated team, which Alonso is probably not doing at this time.

Fernando Alonso is known as one of the best Formula One racers today, perhaps even the best, but Ferrari needs something more. Namely, the Spaniard already wished success with the team, at that time he was also committed to it, but now that he no longer reaches the winning level, his heart no longer leans in the direction of Ferrari. Marchionne said no one at Ferrari is irreplaceable, he last replaced Montezemolo, is it Alonso’s turn?

Otherwise, Ferrari and Alonso have the same desire to win. Nevertheless, Ferrari did not have a race car this season that would allow it to win leadership positions. Alonso could get so tired of waiting for a job well done by Maranello engineers, as his manager Flavio Briatore is already hinting at McLaren: “I think he’s been to McLaren and it’s behind him, but people are changing, so never say never. Fernando wants to win and because of that he wants a competitive car. Ferrari has everything it can to win, Montezemolo has taken good care of the team's finances, now only the people within the team have to do their job and put everything together. "

We need to be aware that despite the crisis that both Ferrari and Alonso are going through, this does not necessarily mean a bad thing for the common future. Thus, it is not said that Alonso will definitely leave the team, nor is it said that he will stay. Both sides must therefore agree on the future. In the future, Alonso has a contract until the end of 2016, and there may also be a switch between Vettl and Fernando, as the German's contract also expires after 2015. It is possible that they will both race in 2016 for the same team, just as it is possible that Alonso is leaving the Ferrari team after this season.

We do not know what will happen, but we must not rule out any possibility. Staying on the team until the end of this year, until the end of 2015, 2016, or even extending the contract, maybe a transfer to Mercedes, maybe Red Bull, these are all options. Let’s wait a few more weeks and at least something will be known.

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