Alonso demotivated the entire team

Author of the article: , published on February 17, 2016.

Luca di Montezemolo has revealed that Fernando Alonso was convinced before leaving the Italian team that he would never become world champion with Ferrari.

The Spaniard transferred to McLaren before the 2015 season, where he experienced one of the most difficult seasons of his career, and at the same time it was the team's worst season since 1980. The opposite was true for Ferrari and Alonso's replacement, Sebastian Vettl, who has a red car won as many as three times after the Maranello team was left without a single win in the 2014 season.

After Vettl’s performances, questions arose as to whether Alonso might have made the wrong decision when he left the team after five years at Ferrari.

Former Ferrari president di Montezemolo said the Spaniard has lost all hope that Ferrari can make a race car with which to win.

“I got the feeling that Fernando instilled in his head that he couldn’t win with Ferrari, he believed he could win in a Mercedes race car with one hand, and that kind of mindset negatively affected everyone around him,” di Montezemolo said. , who nevertheless believes that Alonso is still the best racer in the world on Sundays.

Due to Alonso’s lack of motivation, however, working with Vettl was the only logical choice suggested by Michael Schumacher six years earlier.

“I believe Alonso is still the best racer in the world today, especially on Sundays. Maybe not in qualifying, where I think Lewis Hamilton and Vettel are faster, but in racing he is an amazing, real machine, ”says di Montezemolo, adding:“ But we needed motivation and because of that we also thought about the future. I remember persuading Michael to race for us again when Felipe Massa was injured in 2009. But Michael told me that we need someone with a long career ahead of us, that we need Vettl. ”

Photos: Ferrari

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