Alonso: I could win the best starting position

Author of the article: , published April 9, 2022

Fernando Alonso believes that today, without the hydraulic problems that caused him to land in the protective fence in the last part of the qualifications, he could fight for even the best starting position.

The Spaniard showed exceptional performances throughout the race weekend in Melbourne. In the last part of the qualifiers, in his only attempt, he set even the fastest time of the second sector. The possibility of an excellent result was prevented by a hydraulic failure due to which he collided with the protective fence in the eleventh turn.

The Spaniard was understandably disappointed after the qualifiers. He himself is of the opinion that with that attempt he could swing even to the best starting position.

“The gearbox stopped working in an instant. Everything went off in an instant. It will now be necessary to investigate the reasons for these problems. "

"It simply came to our notice then. If the car stopped 20 seconds later, it could be in the best starting position in the first corner. ”

The two-time world champion has plenty of problems with the reliability of the car this year. Esteban Ocon on the other side of the garage much less.

“Right now we only have problems with my car. If there were problems with the reliability of both, we could look for a common reason, but that's very unusual. "

"It simply came to our notice then. If this happened in Bahrain, where we were ninth or tenth, it would not be as problematic as it is now, when we are fighting for the highest places. "

As he concluded, this racing weekend before the accident was one of the best for him in recent years.

“The race car is getting better and better. The people in the factory and on the racetrack are doing an outstanding job. This is my best racing weekend after a very long time, but unfortunately we couldn’t make the most of it.

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