Alonso: By 2021, I will no longer be in F1

Author of the article: , published July 23, 2018.

In a conversation about the arrival of new 18-inch tires, Fernando Alonso intentionally or unintentionally revealed part of his plans for the future. His current McLaren team is not, at least for now, fighting for the top spots, so there are growing rumors that the Spaniard will soon move to IndyCar after celebrating the victory of the toughest endurance race at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans with Toyota. the world.

This time, however, he issued a hint that by 2021, when race cars will be driven on 18-inch wheels, he will have already left Formula One. “It’s nothing special to me, as I won’t be here again in 2021,” said the two-time world champion, who, however, said it was an unnecessary change. “I think it would be a lot more important if we did something about the problems we had on Saturday morning,” he said, aiming for a rainy third free practice where the racers were practically not driving. "There were 50.000 people sitting in the stands, millions were waiting in front of the TV screens and nothing was happening on the track as we didn't have any extra rain tires to use."

This year, racers receive four sets of light rain tires and three sets of heavy rain for each racing weekend. "With so many tires, we have to drive in addition to training, we also have to take qualifications and the race, and in case of rain we have to save on tires, so we have to think about other things before introducing new rules," he added.

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