Alonso with no hope of Bahrain

Author of the article: , published April 1, 2014

The Spanish hero, Fernando Alonso, finished fourth in the first two of this year’s Grand Prix, but is already criticizing his team before the race in Bahrain. Fernando says Ferrari is working hard to catch Mercedes and Red Bull, but the gap is simply too big to catch up in just a week or two. changed. We may undergo minor changes, but the race cars will be more or less similar to those in Malaysia.

Of course, the characteristics of the track itself change slightly. Due to the long planes, we will see slightly higher speeds here, so the final speed will play a key role. It will be difficult again, but for once we at least managed to be among the top five, which is why we have at least some good starting points for progress. "

Still, Alonso, 35 seconds behind Mercedes, does not see Ferrari as the title favorite, at least not in this state: “In Malaysia, we were a bit faster than Australia, but we were still more than 35 seconds behind Mercedes. We must not forget the safety car, without which we might be a minute, if not more, behind Mercedes. We have to give more of ourselves and show more if we want to go back to the top and thus fight for the title. We have potential, talented people and resources with which we will succeed. "