Alonso believes in the title

Author of the article: , published on May 14, 2013.

Ferrari racer Fernando Alonso has had quite a bit of pitch over the years. Let us remember that the Spaniard, for example, was very close to the title last year, but lost it in the last race in Brazil. Sam admits that they didn't really deserve it last year: “Last year we weren't the fastest, we had quite a few shortcomings. I can say that we played the second violin many times. ”

Nevertheless, it should be different this year: “I believe that we earned the title in 2010, and especially this year. Namely, we have a competitive car, which is still not the fastest, but we have a winning package in the races. ” The Spaniard believes that they will continue to work hard and fight in races, and above all they need to improve their qualifying form: “We need to become faster in qualifying, but racing remains our first priority, because only these bring points. I believe that we will fight for the constructors' title as well as for the title among the racers until the end. ”

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