Allison: Ferrari ready for the top

Author of the article: , published on November 19, 2013.

James Allison is convinced that the changes at Ferrari have laid the foundations for the successful move of the team from Maranello to the very top of Formula One.

“I’m very happy to have arrived at Ferrari at this point when Pat Fry made quite a few changes with the ultimate goal of winning world titles,” Allison said, keeping in mind the personnel changes as well as the technological ones, including the largest upgraded wind tunnel.

The former Lotus technical director expects a changed hierarchy between the teams next season. This should be ensured by major changes in the rules, which will not make the bare speed of the car as decisive as its reliability.

“With such a change in the rules, we rightly expect a change in the balance of power between the teams. The first half of the season will most likely be shaped by the reliability of the race cars. The changes to the rules that will take effect next season are very big in terms of the configuration of the car itself, and at the same time they will give great importance to technical reliability, ”he added.

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