Alisic's "ulala" would be welcome!

Author of the article: , published March 15, 2015.

Behind us is the first race of this season, which, if you are not a Lewis Hamilton fan or conditionally also Nic Rosberg, served with a dose of boredom, which caused many people to prolong their Sunday sleep in front of the TV screen or feel disappointed after a few months of eager anticipation of return. formula one, set off for a morning walk.

Mercedes has become even more powerful, only the balance of power behind them has changed a bit, but it would probably be more exciting to watch a game of chess at times.

If the FIA ​​and Bernie Ecclestone are not able to come up with an interesting racing formula, this time Slovenian spectators were deprived of the randomly recognizable "ULALA" by Miran Ališič, who would throw those sleepers upright, even though nothing special was happening on the track.

Perhaps the races are no less interesting than last year, only the boring, monotonous comments of Niko Mihelič and Leon Andrejka did not make us pay more attention to, for example, the collision in the first lap, during which Miran could raise the spectator's adrenaline to feel similar to collision watched along the track.

Miran, after bringing Formula One to the national team, was overwhelmed by RTV's stepmotherly attitude towards motorsport. He wrote on his blog a few days ago: “RTVSLO has long been run by incompetent and incompetent people who have never dreamed of a modern media image of a successful public media, and my unexpected and sudden farewell from the microphone and cameras on RTVSLO is a logical consequence of a complete lack of feeling. for its viewers, listeners, as well as co-workers and the program, which is loved by a large group of viewers and listeners. ”

Maybe Miran sometimes overlooked some overtaking, sometimes he dramatized unnecessarily, but I admit, formula one is simply not the same without Ališič's occasional exclamation. That is why we started collecting signatures of support in the petition called “We want Mirana!” On the portal

We are all too well aware that the gentlemen at the national team will not shake their heads at the protest of the spectators, who, by the way, take care of their salary every month through a subscription, although at least I personally do not watch anything other than races on RTV.

But at least let’s symbolically show that Miran, enjoys our support!

You can sign the petition at this link - you can also express your thoughts and words of support on social media with the hashtag #BringBackMiran (sort of in the style of the Top Gear dispute between Clarkson and the BBC)

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