Does Red Bull use banned gadgets?

Author of the article: , published on June 20, 2013.


Red Bull Traction Control Canadian GP 2013

Italian media report that Red Bull race cars are said to use Traction Control. Such devices have been banned in Formula One since 2004, and suspicions have been raised by a picture of tire tracks on the asphalt behind Mark Webber's race car. The tire tracks are initially continuous, but later become discontinuous, as if traction control were activated, the Italians claim.

Electronic gadgets are banned in Formula One, but remember the 2000 season, when Ferrari found a loophole in the rules and used this gadget quite legally. Nevertheless, the Italian media will most likely shoot in vain, as the traction control would be activated as soon as the drive wheels start to slip, so you would not even see any traces of tires on the asphalt behind the car, and the system could be heard through the sound of the engine. also with onboard shots.

It is more likely that the interruptions occurred due to unevenness or due to the bouncing of the car over the suspension due to an interruption in the asphalt surface, which is also visible in the picture just before the track becomes interrupted.


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