The Alfa Romeo 4C puts the Alfa back among the premium brands

Author of the article: , published on February 11, 2014.

The Alfa 4C concept was already presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011, and last year at the end of the year the model also became a production sports car. The two-seater, with a mid-mounted 1,7-liter turbocharged petrol engine, has quite a few advanced technologies (including Alfa TCT - twin dry clutch transmission - dual clutch), and the best part is that its price is less than 60 thousand. The price is also low in the sense that the 4C has a carbon fiber chassis, which has so far been reserved only for very expensive super sports cars. That the price is not too high is also proven by the fact in the factory in Modena, where in addition to 600 employees, they had to hire 100 additional people. The demand for the Alfa 4C is so very high that instead of the original 2500 units, they will produce as many as 5000 Alfa 4C beauties.

The Alfa super sports car, which weighs only 895 kilograms, has received numerous awards so far. Among the most resounding are, of course, in France at the 29th International Automobile Festival for the most beautiful car in 2013, it is also worth mentioning the award for the best car in 2014 according to Auto Motor und sport. English magazine What Car? however, she named the Alfa 4C the most exciting car of 2013. The 4C has received many other awards around the world, mainly from the design side, where we can mention that the model was designed by the Alfa Romemo Centro Stile design center. When it comes to design, it is worth mentioning that the "housing" is not made entirely of carbon fiber, as the front and rear will be made of aluminum. The aluminum has lifted its weight to the aforementioned almost 900 kilograms, while the chassis, on the other hand, weighs just 65 kilograms and is made entirely of carbon. This of course helps with as much as 20% lower weight.

The new all-aluminum 240-horsepower, 1,75-liter engine is also connected to the weight, which will most likely also be used in the successor of the 159 model - Giulia. Today, CO2 emissions are increasingly mentioned, which are 4 g / km at 157C, and the combined fuel consumption is 6,8 l / 100 kilometers. Acceleration up to 100 km / h is more important for athletes than consumption, which takes 4 seconds for the 4,5C and a top speed of 258 km / h. This means that it produces as much as 0,33 horsepower per kilogram. Among the numbers is a lap of the famous Nurburgring, which was run by the Italian magazine Quattroroute in eight minutes and four seconds. Of course, the Alfa has quite a bit of equipment, including a new way of driving "Race", then a new lighter suspension (38% weight reduction). Pirelli P Zero tires are fitted as standard on the 4C, 205/45 R17 at the front and 235/40 R18 at the rear (standard can be replaced by 205/40 R18 and 235/35 R19). In addition to acceleration and speed parameters, brakes are also very important. At 4C, the front brakes are 305 millimeters and the rear 292 millimeters, of course from the manufacturer Brembo. The car stops at 100 km / h at 36 meters.

It may be worth mentioning at the end that the 4C does not have a power steering, as this means extra weight. The Alfa Romeo 4C is therefore a super sports car at a reasonable price, which gives you the feeling of a super sports car. Everyone will form their own opinion, but the fact is that the Italians have taken a step forward and brought the brand to a higher level - sales figures speak for themselves.

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