Alex Burns leaves Williams

Author of the article: , published on May 29, 2013.

Williams has announced that CEO Alex Burns will leave the team and will be immediately replaced by Mike O'Driscoll. Burns took office in 2010 when Frank Williams handed over control of the team to former chief operating officer Adam Parr. O’Driscoll, the former CEO of Jaguar Cars, is expected to take the post of CEO for an extended period, which means that the Formula One team and Williams Advanced Engineering will be merged under the same management group.

O’Driscoll will report directly to Frank Williams, who has big plans with him: “Mike has been in leadership positions since 2011. I am pleased to be able to offer him a promotion with which I believe the company will gain a lot. So I believe that this will bring us closer to our goals, because Mike has a lot of experience. "

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