Alex ALBON: I did everything I could to KEEP THE SEAT

Author of the article: , published on December 14, 2020.

Christian horner praised him after the race for GP Abu Dhabi, but the future of the British racer at Red bulls is still under great question. Albon is otherwise v Abu Dhabi drove a very solid race. He started from the fifth starting position, then overtook Norris, and in the end he also threatened Lewis Hamilton in third place, but he ran out of laps.

After the race, when asked by reporters about the race itself and its future replied: “I think it was the best weekend of the season, at least as far as my show is concerned. I would like to thank everyone on the team for all the help. We didn't give up, we were always looking for new solutions, which made me feel better and better in the car. I have to admit that the Red Bull RB16 is not the easiest to drive. ”

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"I think I can be happy with myself and my performance in the race, especially because I've been under a lot of pressure, so it's nice to end the season that way," he added Albon: “Whether it was all enough or not, others will say. I think I gave everything I could, but as I said, the decision is in the hands of others. "

Christian horner is at the end of the race for GP Abu Dhabi za Sky Sports said: “Alex did a great job today. Taken as a whole, this is his best weekend of the season, and he also drove very maturely in the race. In the end, he even threatened Lewis. He gave us new information that we now need to analyze and then decide what we will do. ”

When they are journalists Horner Asked when we can expect a final decision, the Briton replied diplomatically: “I am sure you will find out the moment we make the decision. It won't take long. "

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