Alesi: There is no point in complaining

Jean Alesi
Author of the article: , published April 8, 2013

Former Formula One racer Jean Alesi believes that races will always be won by the best teams, which is why racers need to stop complaining about tires. It is worth mentioning that Alesi became Pirelli's ambassador and, if for no other reason, he has to defend their tires for that reason. Nevertheless, the Frenchman does not see the point in complaining, as everyone has the same conditions: “One thing does not make a difference, because the best teams will always be the most successful. So there is no point in complaining, because it is better to focus on better use of the rules. "

Alesi adds that achieving a balance between speed and tire wear is nothing new, as they always had to control it: “I raced myself even when we also had qualifying tires and it was always a question of tire wear and speed. In my opinion, this is exactly what sport needs. ”Of course, we all agree with this, as sport has gained in attractiveness, which on the other hand also means some angry looks. Only one can win and that will be the best team that will know how to make the best use of all the given conditions.

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