ALBON wasted an opportunity: HORNER threatens him with a SPARE BENCH

Author of the article: , published on December 8, 2020.

Alex Albon is in the last race VN Sakhir wasted a great opportunity to be with the bosses Red Bull Racing recommended for a new contract in the 2021 season. After poor qualifications it is Thai he finished the race only in sixth place, although his teammate Max Verstappen resigned, both racers Mercedesa however, they landed behind him due to the catastrophe at the stops.

Racer Red Bull Racing, whose seat is honestly shaken, is confused. Even more likely because he had a team boss Christian horner bad news for him. “I don't believe he's in Franz Tost's plans for next season,”Is Horner said with a view to a possible return Albon to the team Alpha Tauri. In 2019, Red Bull sent him to the sister team in a similar situation Pierre Gaslya. The Frenchman took the opportunity and is on his refreshed career Formula 1 added also victory at this year’s race GP of Italy in Monza. Obviously Albon he won’t have that opportunity next year if he does Red Bull decided to take another seat next to Max Verstappna divide Sergio Perez. "For him, it means a seat in Red Bull or a bench,”Was clear Horner. Nevertheless, the Red Bull summit is still delayed and responds that the decision will be made after the final in Abu Dhabi.

Albon wasted another chance to recommend himself to Red Bull bosses in the penultimate race of the Sakhir GP season, even though Mercedes shot himself in the knee and his teammate Max resigned.

Albon has therefore in Abu Dhabi another opportunity to do publicity advertising. “We focus on getting a chance to show us that he’s the right man in the race car next year for Max. And we give him all the support we can to help him achieve that goal,He said Horner. But his performance on VN Sakhir it did not exactly bring him closer to that goal. While it is Verstappen in the qualifiers the best starting position missed by only half a tenth of a second, is Albon finished work already in Q2 and ranked 12th. On Sunday, he crossed the finish line as sixth, 14 seconds behind Sergio Perez, which after colliding with Leclerc in the first round he fell to last place, but he is nonetheless Albon caught up, overtook, and finally escaped him.

"Most of my time in the race I was behind Perez and then in the end he won and we were sixth. I don't understand how this could have happened," is Albon asked after Sunday's race. While it is Mexican as he overtook his rivals along the assembly line, he did Albon almost the entire race was stuck in traffic. Thai sees the reason for his wasted opportunity in setting the RB16 race car. "It was tricky because with the downforce configuration we had, it was hard to fight,”He explained Albon. "We were good in the turns of the second sector, but there’s nothing you can do about it. In the first and third sectors, however, it was difficult. On the first turn, I literally took the risk of overtaking the race cars in front of me."

Although the team continues to support him, Christian Horner, the team's boss, has already hinted to him that he could have a spare bench in the 2021 season.

But on the day when Mercedes what he eliminates himself and when teammate resigns could be a big hour off for him if, after qualifying, he was where the team wanted him to be. But Albon he doesn’t believe he would have a chance to win. “I don’t think we could have fared much better.”If with this answer he got some plus point at the leading floor Red Bull Racing, but we strongly doubt it.             

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