Activists took advantage of the Belgian Grand Prix

Author of the article: , published on August 25, 2013.

The main sponsor of today's race for the Belgian Grand Prix, Shell, is taking advantage of the melting of the Arctic ice, where, of course, they want to extract oil. Of course, the Greenpaces were against this, climbing to the roof of the main grandstand just before the race and hanging a banner that read: “Arctic oil? Shell no! ”

Even more shocking, however, is that their female representative, when the ceremony was taking place on the winners ’stage, dropped from the roof almost straight into the top three. She had a banner with a similar theme with her, but luckily the cameras didn’t catch it, which was taken care of by someone other than Bernie Ecclestone.

It is also worth mentioning the paratrooper, who was descending over the drift pit before the race and, of course, dragged a Greenpeace message behind him. Certainly, the operation of this nature conservation organization is not the most beautiful, but on the other hand, we must also be aware of Shell's operation, which does not really melt the ice, but only takes advantage of natural warming. We don't know who's right, but he certainly didn't disturb today's Greenpeace race (too much).

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