Akrapovic's Full Moon promo motorcycle

Author of the article: , published on December 7, 2014.

The Akrapovič company presented its new Full Moon promotional motorcycle in front of a crowd of enthusiastic visitors, journalists and photographers at the Custombike Show in Bad Salzufeln, Germany.

The Akrapovič company made an exceptional motorcycle with the help of the Slovenian Dreamachine Motorcycles workshop, with which they also made the legendary Morsus in 2011. Full Moon is - like its predecessor - a unique and technically interesting promotional motorcycle of the Akrapovič company. Full Moon already looks completely different from its predecessor; it is a continuation of Morsus' story, but it has a different character. The seal is given to it by its retro design with manufacturing technology (deep traction, wooden model), similar to that from the period of hand-made prestigious small-series limousines - in order to impress all those who may have stayed cold at Morsus.

Full Moon is a fusion of high technology, retro streamline, steampunk design principles and the prestige of Bond vehicles; from boats, planes to cars. The components are carefully selected, and the design reveals completely new solutions that were first used on custom motorcycles. The Full Moon thus intentionally does not fall into any of the motorcycle categories; it can be anywhere and nowhere, but above all it is unique.

1524 hours of work were invested in the production of the motorcycle, which is powered by the S&S Knucklehead unit with a volume of 800 cubic centimeters and which is advertised via a pair of specially designed Akrapovič exhaust systems. The frame and body parts are made entirely of sheet metal and are an upgrade of a pair of exhaust systems. The body is thus part of the exhaust system, it is an integral part of it, so the whole motorcycle is actually an exhaust system.

The front wheel stands out, which is structurally carbon, as the aluminum ring and the hub are connected by two carbon wheels. With a size of 30 inches, its dimensions are extreme, and a novelty is the design, which in composite form has not yet been traced during conversions in this size. Another novelty is the composite brake disc, which has not yet been seen on motorcycles in these dimensions. The control is fully automated, which enables the implementation of minimalist solutions on the handlebars, without visible installations, which are otherwise necessary for the functioning of the motorcycle. It can be parked freely, which allows it to be hydraulically suspended. The motorcycle is therefore unique in all respects and the Akrapovič company is very proud of it.

Full Moon is the star of the Akrapovič showroom in Bad Salzufeln, where it is possible to admire all the latest high-quality exhaust systems for custom motorcycles of the company from Ivančna Gorica. Later, it will be possible to see it at a number of important salons, at events and events where the Akrapovič company will participate.

Photos: Akrapovich

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