According to Misan, new rules came into force

Author of the article: , published September 12, 2018.

After the race in Misano, MotoGP adopted some changes to the rules, which will apply in the next race. The changes affected start-up procedures in the rain, notices of penalties, and a certain number of powertrains per racer.

If the race is declared rainy before the start, the length of the race will be shortened by one lap, as some teams have problems refueling, which means that in such a case they may run out of fuel at the end.

The racer has five rounds of time to do so in the event of a foul that requires him to return the place to a competitor. However, as such notices are now posted on its dashboard and as the order in five laps can change considerably, complicating the process of returning an “incorrectly” acquired seat, the racer will now have three laps to return to the position.

However, the rules regarding the allocated power units have also changed. Because there is a possibility for MotoGP class teams to circumvent the rules and switch aggregates between their factory or semi-factory racers, thus helping the racer who has used up more of the allocated power units. Due to a number of possible scenarios, the rules have now been adapted so that a substitute racer may not have a valid contract with any team in the championship unless permitted by the Grand Prix Commission.

Changes have also hit the Moto2 class, where “due to a new powertrain that will not be available in other championships,” wildcard performances will not be possible. The rule may be changed for the 2020 season.

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