After the first run at the top again Beneš

Author of the article: , published September 1, 2013.


Miloš Beneš, who won both trainings yesterday, was also the fastest in the first run in Ilirska Bistrica. With the Osella FA30, he set a time of 2: 06.69 and was 1.21 seconds faster than Italian Faust Bormolini in the same race car. An excellent third was our Patrik Zajelšnik, who was two seconds and nine hundredths behind Beneš.

To the disappointment of the spectators at the race, the Austrian Felix Pailer did not compete with the attractive Lancia Integrale.

Aleš Prek was somewhat expected to be the fastest in the DP classification with a time of 2: 25.82. Milan Bubnič was 2.34 seconds slower than him, and Rado Raspet was third with almost five seconds less time than Preko.

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