Acosta: Marquez and Martin were smarter

Author of the article: , published April 14, 2024

Pedro Acosta admitted after the sprint race at COTA that Marc Marquez and Jorge Martin outfoxed him, but ahead of Sunday's main race he warns that he has learned a lesson from them that he will try to use against them.

The GasGas Tech3 rider won the second starting position in qualifying behind Maverick Vinales and ahead of Marco Marquez. Although he spent most of the race in third place after being overtaken by Marquez, he lost another place to Martin by the end of the sprint test and had to settle for fourth place. "Marc and Jorge were smarter," he admitted after the race. "The engine is good, the tires weren't that bad either, maybe just a little worse than we expected. Marc and Jorge were smarter than me, so they were able to overtake me, but I remembered the lesson and saved it for Sunday's race.”

Acosta explained that the two experienced competitors showed him that his approach was wrong: "When I came here, I thought that you had to go all ten laps of the sprint race. But Jorge and Marc analyzed the race and drove fast only when necessary. Jorge was working his way from behind and Marc was only riding fast at certain points and that's something I have to learn."

The 19-year-old Spaniard is taking part in only his third race weekend in the MotoGP class this weekend, so he is not overly disappointed with the fourth place: "In the end it was very even. I was very close to the podium and during the race itself I took quite a few laps in a place that would eventually lead to a podium.”

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