Abu Dhabi: Verstappen won to say goodbye to the 2020 season

Author of the article: , published on December 13, 2020.

Max Verstappen is the winner of a relatively calm race for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, in which the Red Bull racer led throughout the race. The Dutchman secured this year's title with a victory runner-up.

Mercedes racers took the podium, Valtteri Bottas ter Lewis Hamilton.

The start of the race without drama

Start of the race it didn’t bring the expected drama we were used to in some previous races. Max Verstappen is s position field easily defended the lead against Valtteri Bottas in Lewis Hamilton. There were no major rosaries of cities in the background either.

The first few laps were marked by the start itself, then without major shocks. Most racers insisted on DRS train, but he gained the most in this part of the race Sergio Perez, which has already managed to break through to 16th place, but it was the Mexican’s catching points that would Racing Point helped to overcome McLaren in a battle for third place among the constructors, ending in the tenth lap when the oil pressure in the Mercedes engine of his race car dropped and he was forced to resign. We saw the phase first virtual safety car.


A lap later he brought another real one to the track safety car, because they are Perez's race car had to be removed from the edge of the track, which the leaders took advantage of to stop at the pits, while some others, among them Daniel Ricciardo in sebastian vettel, decided to stick on the same tires going forward.

Speaking of tires, it is worth mentioning that they are Norris, Albon, Quatt, Stroll in gasly started on soft tires, Ricciardo, Vettel, Perez in Magnussen on hard compound and everyone else on medium tires.


It's in the middle of the race Verstappen easily controlled the race as he Mercedesa they failed to get close, but she was already in this part of the race raised the question, or racers can take the rest of the race without stopping, or it may still be necessary to wrap them again. He had a lot of problems in this part of the race Charles Leclerc who started on medium tires, had quite a long stint and lost quite a few places before turning into the pits.

While in front Verstappen increasingly leaked to both black race cars, everyone was already in the pits, with the exception of Ricciardo in Vettel. The Australian was the last to enter the pits, losing a few places, but still remained in the top ten, which means that Renault gain significantly more from this strategy Ferrari.


He took care of the next noteworthy news in the race again Charles Leclerc, which received a warning in the form black and white flags for driving too wide in corners. In the last round he went hunting for Hamilton at the initiative of the message from the pits gave more Alex Albon, but he failed to catch up with the world champion.


In the end, you did Max Verstappen brought a reliable victory, which in the end did not bring him the coveted world title runner-up, it is Valtteri Bottas in second place he collected enough points to maintain the advantage over the Dutchman.


McLaren won third place among the constructors


McLaren is a duel for third place in championship of constructors by resin Laziness and tenth place Stroll managed to turn to his advantage as they Norris in Sainz won sixth and seventh place, respectively. It all hung in the air for a while, as it is Sainz was under investigation for driving too slowly through the pits, but no penalty was imposed.

Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz finished third and seventh at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at McLarn.

They took care of a few shows at the end Hamilton in Bottas, who each rotated a few times with their car on the start-finish plane of the racetrack Yas Marina Tour, and he indulged in a similar prank before entering the pits Kevin Magnussen, saying goodbye to F1.


The first race of the 2021 season is scheduled for March 21, 2021, but before that, after a short lull, when team members return to their families for a well-deserved rest, we have a tense anticipation of racing presentations, which usually begins in late January, then and three more days of winter testing in February.

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Photos: Daimler

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