Abraham announced the end of his career, a place in Avintia awaits Zarc

Karel Abraham end of motogp career
Author of the article: , published on November 24, 2019.

Karel Abraham announced the end of his career in a meeting with the fans on Saturday, and his place in the Reale Avintia team is now waiting for Johann Zarc. Abraham had a valid contract for next season, but during the racing weekend in Valencia, the leading men of Ducati, the organizers of the race for the French Grand Prix and Dorna, worked hard to put Zarco in his place.

The Frenchman had hoped to gain Honda's confidence in the last three races of the season by appearing in the LCR team to give him a chance on Jorge Lorenzo's motorcycle, meanwhile, he said he would rather return to the Moto2 class than race with the Avintia team. But the Spaniard will be replaced by his younger brother Alex Marquez alongside Marco Marquez, and Ducati promised Avintia better support, which apparently convinced Zarc to decide to race for them, as it is rumored that he has already signed a contract. The official confirmation of Abraham’s departure and the expected signing of the contract with Zarc is expected to be officially confirmed next week.

Although Abraham said clearly and loudly during testing after the race in Valencia that he has a valid contract for the 2020 season, Cech added that he needs to discuss some things with the team and a few days later the Facebook page of the Brno racetrack is owned. Abraham's father, shared a note on his wall: “Karel Abraham announced the end of his career in MotoGP at a meeting with fans. This is a sad day for all home fans. We appreciate being able to keep our fists up for so long for a racer with a Czech flag on a motorcycle. Thank you! ”


The Czech media report that the Avintia Karela team has notified the end of the contract via email. “I knew I couldn’t trust people at MotoGP,” Abraham told motorkari.cz. “They simply decided to end the collaboration. The Avintie team boss is a big liar and no longer exists for me. Such things need to be resolved in the middle of the season, ”he added, announcing that he does not want to return to MotoGP.

Abraham first competed in the 125cc class in 2005 and then switched to the 250cc two years later. He achieved his only Moto2010 class victory in the 2 season and then advanced to the MotoGP class in 2011.

With the departure of Abraham, the future of the Czech race in Brno is also in question. This has been more or less uncertain for the last few years, and this April it lost its full state financial support, while quite a few other racetracks are fighting for a place on the MotoGP race calendar.

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