A solid weekend was not rewarded with points

Author of the article: , published on June 21, 2015.

In the tenth race of this year's MXGP Championship in Germany in Teutschenthal, Klemen Gerčar was not rewarded with new points, although he missed them only by a hair. And this after very solid rides on Saturday and again on Sunday mornings. In the first run, she was 24th in front of an extremely large number of spectators at the track, and in the second run she advanced to 21st place, which was not enough for new points.

“I started very solid on Saturday, from run to run, from lap to lap I was able to step up the pace, I improved the times, and most of all I can be satisfied with the qualifying race. It was still a good feeling on Sunday morning, but things didn't go well for me at the race. Unfortunately, the races then have a bit of their own logic, but that’s part of the competitions. When I manage to transfer the ride from training and when I am less burdened with the desire to succeed, I will be able to look forward to new points on Sundays as well. Things are getting better, this has also been seen in Germany, so I’m sure I’ll be collecting some more new points and good rankings by the end of the season. Otherwise, the track in Germany suited me, it was interesting throughout the weekend, and the weather added its own with a light dew, so I'm sure that the spectators also enjoyed it, "said Klemen Gerčar.

Klemen thus remains at nine points in the MXGP class this year. His next race will be next weekend in Aichwald, Germany in the ADAC Cup, and before that he will compete in the middle of the week at the Slovenian DP race in Mačkovci.

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