A meeting of car enthusiasts at the idyllic Bloke Lake

Author of the article: , published on June 25, 2020.

On Saturday 20.6. a gathering of steel horse lovers took place“Cars & friends by the lake” organized by Oštir Audio Team.

The meeting was organized the first year and was more than surprised by the visit. The meeting was attended by many clubs, both domestic and some cars from abroad.

The meeting took place in an idyllic place by Lake Bloke, which further attracted many participants of "Carshow". It is currently one of the first meetings to be held in the area after Covid-19. Attendance was above all expectations, with a total of over 250 cars listed.

It was possible to see a large number of Audi RS, Ferrari, Maserati, Bmw M4, Ford RS, Renault Megane RS Trophy, Golf R, Golf GTI, Honda Type R, Nissan Skyline and many other converted cars. The choice was so varied that it was virtually impossible to list all the vehicles.

Glamping Bloke, where the party took place after the event, was also offered by the organizer the possibility of an overnight stay. The idea of ​​overnight stays came to life immediately, as they filled all the accommodation capacities they offer in just a few days.

Special thanks go to the whole team that helped organize the meeting without which we would not have been able to carry it all out. Oštir Audio Team is already thinking about next year, where they promised an even bigger meeting with additional activities at the event.

After the event, we had a short interview with the co-organizer of the event, Lovro Opeka. We asked him what the expectations were before the meeting, what impressed them the most, what was the reason for choosing the location by the lake and what are the plans for the future.

"We knew that there would be a lot of interest, as many clubs had confirmed our participation before the event, but we did not expect such a response. We exceeded expectations by at least half, ”says the co-organizer of the event, Lovro.

“We had the location chosen from the very beginning without any guesswork. We knew that the location would further attract many motoring enthusiasts. ”

"Next year we plan to organize a meeting again, but we will expand our offer with additional activities and we expect even greater participation, as we received positive responses from all this year's guests," says Lovro.