A collision at a home race in Lučine with a restored car

Klemen Trček GHD Gorjanci 2019 MG ZR 105
Author of the article: , published July 25, 2019.

Klemen Trček is returning to the scene of his last race in Lučine, which he took with the Zastava Yugo race car, before a long break from racing. This time he will attack the highest places behind the wheel of the MG ZR 105, on which he was seduced by the chassis in the last race in Gorjanci. He used the almost two-month break to gather energy to perform in front of the home crowd, and to rebuild the chassis, with which he hopes to be able to reach the highest places in the otherwise strong division 1 at the race in Lučine, where he will also act as organizer.

“After a break of almost two months, I’m going back behind the wheel of my yellow MG,” he said. “Due to problems with the chassis in Gorjanci, we are coming to the home race in Lučine with a renewed chassis and with the goal of completing the route from Todraž to Lučine as quickly as possible without technical problems. Despite the problems at Gorjanci, we were satisfied with the result in the end, as we took the ungrateful fourth place, but we got important points in the total points of the national championship, where we currently also occupy the fourth place after half of the season.

The race in Lučine is a big challenge for me, as I will play the role of the organizer of AMD Zvezda and the role of a competitor. It’s also a home race, so the adrenaline will definitely be at its peak. Last but not least, I competed here in 2011 in the last race with my red Yugo, before an eight-year racing break. I am already looking forward to the race in front of the home fans and sponsors and I am already looking forward to new racing kilometers and tense fights for the highest places in the most popular division 1. ”

Klemen is in fourth place in Division 1, four points behind Žan Nagodet, while the leaders, Franci Likovič and Matej Oblak, are tied with 80 points. Until the end of the season, the racers will have three more races, namely in Ilirska Bistrica, Buzet and Čedad.

Photos: Matjaž Rejc

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