Verstappen celebrated the 'Grand Slam' in Spain, the Mercedes driver also on the podium

Author of the article: , published on June 4, 2023.

Max Verstappen is the winner of F1's Spanish Grand Prix, where he led from start to finish with no problem despite being black-flagged by stewards for going off-track. In the event of another offense, he would face a five-second penalty. On the way to the 40th victory in his career, despite warnings from the management and the team, he set the fastest lap in the race, with which he secured an additional point, and entered the statistics in the third prestigious "grand slam” or "grand slam(pole position, fastest lap in the race and victory after leading all laps of the race).

We saw a little more action behind the Dutchman, namely the Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, made their way to the podium during the race, while Sergio Perez was fourth in the end.

The local spectators did not live to see the victory of the local matadors, as Carlos Sainz, who started the race from second place, slipped to fifth place during the race, while Fernando Alonso ended up seventh.

Max Verstappen took the lead in the first corner, with Carlos Sainz driving a few meters behind him, and behind them Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris touched slightly, who had to pit to change the front wing.

At the beginning of the eighth lap, Hamilton overtook Stroll for third place, Pisatri for eleventh place Nico Hulkenberg. Verstappen was still in the lead, with Sainz following close to four seconds behind. Hamilton was already six seconds behind.

In the eleventh out of 66 laps, Russell passed Ocon for fifth place, and five laps later, Sainz went from second place to change tires, replacing the soft tires with yellow-rimmed medium hard ones. The Ferrari driver returned to the track in ninth place, ahead of his team-mate Leclerc, who pitted on the following lap.

In the 25th lap, Hamilton entered the pits from second place to change tires, and the Brit returned to the track three seconds behind Sainz in fourth place, and a lap later Russell also changed tires, which promoted Perez to second place, who , like the leader Verstappen, was not yet in the pits until the next round.

In the 28th lap, Russell first warned about the first drops of rain, who later realized that the drops on his helmet were his path and not the rain, while Perez changed tires, slipping from second to ninth place.

In the first corner of the 35th lap of the race, with the help of DRS, Russell took third place past Sainz, while Perez was already chasing the Spaniard.

With 22 laps to go, Verstappen was still in command, 16 seconds ahead of Hamilton and 26 seconds ahead of Russell, and 34 seconds ahead of Perez in fourth place. Alonso went from fifth place to change tires and returned to the track in tenth place, and a lap later Russell also changed tires, thus letting Perez in front of him.

In the 51st lap, Hamilton changed tires for the last time, and Red Bull was thus forced to change tires on Sergio Perez's car as well. The Mexican dropped to fourth place.

13 laps before the end of the race, the leader Verstappen also put new soft tires on his car, who was warned by the race management with a black and white flag for driving outside the limits of the track, and Perez got past Sainz and pushed the Spaniard to fifth place in the Ferrari , and the order of the top five remained unchanged for the rest of the race, despite Perez quickly closing the gap on Russell, but unable to overtake the Briton.

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