Turk is the best Slovenian in Opatija

Author of the article: , published on May 2, 2015.

Rok Turk was the best among the Slovenian crews at the Opatija Rally, which was not part of the Slovenian national championship, collecting points for the Mitropa Cup. With the Peugeot 208 R2, Idrijčan managed to reach the overall third place, and in the finish he won in the classification of two-wheel drive cars.

The victory in the overall classification was celebrated by the Hungarian Krisztian Hidega, while the local Juraj Šebalj was ahead of the Turk. After the rally, Turk said that he was satisfied with the performance, and at the same time announced that he would most likely announce which rallies he would take part in this year. “I want to take five more rallies for the European Championships, including the next appearance at the very unique Ypres Rally in Belgium. As a newcomer, it will definitely be hard for me there, as the competition in my class is really fierce this year. There’s a lot of talent driving there who has a lot more racing and test miles behind them than I do. With a good rhythm, it is still possible to rank quite high, but in fact, the first appearance at such a rally means learning. I do not intend to take part in domestic rallies in Slovenia this year, "Turk told Sio.net.

Among the Slovenian crews, the current national champion Aleks Humar also worked for Turku in the Croatian company, who was six seconds behind him with the Renault Clio R3T. After some difficult rallies with the new car, Humar was also satisfied with his performance in Croatia. “We are finally going in the right direction, and this also increases my self-confidence in the race car. Most importantly, the results have become very positive. Now we just have to keep working and drive more kilometers, ”he said at the end of the rally.

With the damage of the Fabio R2, Tim Novak finished seventh overall and finished third in the Mitropa Cup. “It was a difficult rally, as the already slippery Istrian roads were even bigger due to the rain. Maybe I'm not satisfied only with yesterday's and today's start, because my co-driver Uroš and I didn't catch the right rhythm, ”said Novak.

Grega Premrl did not find the right rhythm in Opatija either, as he does not achieve the desired results with a solid Citroen DS3 race car. “I just don’t have the confidence to drive faster. It will be necessary to calm down and progress again from the beginning. Last year, I achieved times at the very top of the overall standings at this rally, but this year it was simply not possible, ”he explained.

The Slovenian national championship, together with the Mitrop Cup, continues in the vicinity of Velenje, where the FUCHS Rally Saturnus will take place, which is scheduled for the last weekend in May.

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