Wolff couple under FIA conflict of interest investigation

Author of the article: , published on December 6, 2023.

Mercedes Formula One team boss Toto Wolff and his wife Susie Wolff, the director of the F1 academy, are under investigation for a conflict of interest, as Toto is said to be receiving certain information that is not available to other team bosses and which he is said not to have access to.

Toto Wolff is said to have access to some confidential information from Formula One Management, and at the same time, Susie Wolff is well aware of the topics that the team bosses discuss among themselves in meetings, and the contents of these discussions somehow reach FOM.

According to colleagues at BusinessF1, suspicions about the flow of information through irregular channels were sparked by one of the conversations between the team bosses, where Toto based one of his statements on information that was only available to FOM.

Other team bosses have taken their concerns to FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulaye, who has now launched an investigation at the FIA's Compliance Department.

The FIA ​​informed the public about the investigation, but did not mention names, but only that an investigation is underway regarding speculation in the media.

The F1 management has already responded to the announcement, where they asserted that they do not stand behind the statement on the investigation by the FIA, and that they are convinced that the insinuations are irrelevant, as they are supposed to have "robust procedures and processes that prevent conflicts of interest. "

At Mercedes, however, they say that they were not informed about the investigation, and that they "reject the accusations in the media that undermine the integrity of the team boss", while calling on the FIA ​​to provide a quick and clear answer with the results of the investigation.

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