Slovenian drifters are also successful in Serbia

Author of the article: , published July 9, 2013.

The 2nd round of the Serbian drift competition in Novi Sad took place on Sunday. It was attended by 23 competitors, including two representatives of Slovenia. Uroš Berdajs in his attractive BMW e16 compact with a 36L M3.2 engine and Benjamin Čemas in the mighty BMW e3 with a 36L V4.0 M8 engine were in the top 3. In the first match, Benjamin Čemas lost to the experienced Goran Simič, who also competes in the famous King of Europe. Uroš Berdajs defeated Goran Drnak in the first match, and qualified for the next round in which he competed with Igor Stevanovič.

After four rounds, the judges awarded the victory in favor of our Uroš Berdajs. In the semi-final match, Berdajs defeated his opponent Goran Simič, who had already defeated Benjamin Čemas in his BMW e30 2.7 turbo. After a close duel, Simič went to the finals, competing with Marko Brkljajčič, and Berdajs competed for 3rd place with Zoran Savič. In two rounds, Berdajs convincingly defeated Savič, and Marko Brkljajčič celebrated with a victory. Thus, the order after the end of the competition was:

1. Marko Brklajcic
2. Goran Simic
3. Uroš Berdajs
4. Zoran Savic

The next Serbian drift competition will be on August 4 in Horgoš, and the last on September 8 in Čačak. Meanwhile, the second round of the car magazine drift cup will take place in Logatec on Sunday, September 1, and will be attended by many excellent drifters. See you!

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