Sainz was amused by Mercedes' imitation of his DRS tactics

Author of the article: , published September 24, 2023.

Carlos Sainz said after the F1 race for the Japanese Grand Prix that he had a lot of fun in the car and even laughed when he saw that Mercedes tried to copy his tactics from the race in Singapore, with which he defended his victory.

Sainz slowed enough in Singapore for Lando Norris to catch DRS behind him, then used the McLaren as a shield from George Russell and Lewis Hamilton.

In Suzuka, the roles were reversed, with Sainz chasing Hamilton and Russell for fifth and sixth respectively. Following the team's instructions, Russell let Hamilton go first, then asked his team-mate to provide him with DRS to defend against Sainz, who recognized the tactic. "I thought it was fun. I laughed as I saw Lewis slow down in the 130R corner to catch George on DRS. I knew I could attack George in the chicane, so I drove deeper and then used DRS, lee and everything to pass him. It was a lot of fun. My tactics almost cost me a place in the race.”

The Spaniard, however, said that his tactics in the hands of Mercedes might have been more successful if Hamilton had stayed behind Russell. "I think we would have a better chance. But he would probably overtake Lewis in this case in the 11th or 13th corner, as both were quite slow in that part. We will never know that way, but it would be more risky for them to leave Lewis behind George, because if he passed Lewis, then George would also pass. "

Sainz explained that the race showed the importance of track position, as a large speed difference was needed to overtake.

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