Russia's grand prize in question, organizers missed the application deadline

Author of the article: , published on August 1, 2013.

Formula One is also expected to be present in Russia next year, where a modern racing complex is being built in Sochi. Despite the fact that the works are going according to plan, the organizers missed the deadline for the official registration of the race, which expired yesterday.

The problem in Russia was somehow caused by money, as the Russian Automobile Federation and the organizers do not understand each other well enough. The only possibility for the race in Sochi remains that the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF) shows everything as a "force majeure" that they failed to arrange all the paper formalities. The RAF states three reasons for not registering: "We are not on the calendar because we do not have a contract with the organizers, because they did not sign the application and because they did not pay the fee to the FIA."

Nevertheless, the Russian Grand Prix found itself on the provisional calendar for next year. Of course, they will have to meet all the above criteria. The president of the RAF, Sergej Ivanov, only concluded: “We are doing everything we can to start the race successfully. We will also take into account the proposals proposed by the RAF. "

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