Quartararo: The decision about my future will be known at the beginning of the season

Author of the article: , published on November 27, 2023.

Fabio Quartararo called the last season, which he finished in tenth place without a win, the most difficult in his career.

The French racer became world champion in 2021 and finished second the following year after being completely powerless against Francesco Bagnaia in the second part of the season. The lag in Yamaha's development was even more pronounced this year. With a few exceptions, he was far from the top places in most races.

"Already at the beginning of the year I expected a very difficult season, but I didn't think it would be this bad," said Quartararo, who did not win this year for the first time since his debut season in 2019.

"In the first part of the season, it was especially difficult, because we were even worse than I initially expected. In addition, I did not manage to squeeze the maximum out of the motorcycle. This season was definitely the hardest for me since I have been in MotoGP."

The French racer has a contract with Yamaha until the end of 2024, but he warned that he will make a decision about his future shortly after the start of the next season.

"If the motorcycle is not competitive next year, then I will seriously consider my future in the team. I don't know when exactly I will make a decision, but a lot will be clear after the tests in February. It will be important how I feel on the motorcycle and what its potential will be."

"I'm not here to waste time. I want to fight for the top places from the very beginning of the season. When you're driving around the XNUMXth place, it really annoys you."

"This is also part of sport and you have to learn to overcome such periods. I think we took a step forward in the second part of the season. On the Asian tour, we were third twice and, most importantly, competitive."

"Next year we have to take a big step forward and fight for the top places throughout the season."

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