Pirelli also faces sanctions

Author of the article: , published on June 10, 2013.


The umbrella organization of Formula One, the FIA, has confirmed that a hearing of the Mercedes team and tiremaker Pirelli will take place in Paris on June 20th. They added that both sides face sanctions.

Pirelli organized a private three-day test with the Mercedes team after the Spanish GP. The German team tested the tires for next season with both of their cars, and Pirelli also admitted to testing this year's. The Silver Arrows drove 1000 kilometers on the Catalunya track, and the Red Bull and Ferrari teams lodged a protest at the Monaco Grand Prix. The commissioners postponed the decision to the FIA, which decided to convene a formal hearing before an international tribunal.

As previously reported, Mercedes can only be fined or, in the worst case, excluded from the championship (the McLaren team was excluded from the championship in 2007 for a serious breach of the rules and had to pay a $ 100 million fine).

The FIA ​​will also take action against Pirelli, although it is not yet clear what offense they will be defending. It is most likely a breach of the provisions of the contract, which may result in a hefty fine. A similar case occurred in connection with the 2006 Turkish GP, when Turks had to pay $ 5 million for violations.

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