Miami close to signing a multi-year contract with Formula 1

Author of the article: , published on May 2, 2018.

The city of Miami will vote next week on whether the city should sign a multi-year contract with Formula 1, which would make Formula 1 race cars roam the streets of Miami next season. The vote will take place on Thursday, May 1, where they will decide whether to sign a contract with the leading men of Formula 2019, which would be valid from 2028 to 2019. If the vote is successful, the official signing of the contract will take place on July 1. The scheduled date of the first race in Florida is expected to be in October XNUMX. Liberty Media wants to increase the presence of Formula XNUMX in America, and the race in Miami is high on their wish list.
Formula 1 CEO Sean Bratches said:
“We appreciate the fact that the city wants to host a Formula 1 race, so we are already working with the city's leading men to make this idea a reality. With more than half a billion spectators worldwide, Formula 1 is the largest racing spectacle in the world. Miami is one of the most iconic and glamorous cities, making it an ideal destination for Formula One and its fans. ”
Initially, there was talk that the removal of the Baku race would make room in the calendar, but the organizers of the Baku race quickly denied it. The race in Azerbaijan has a contract for two more seasons, which can be extended for another five seasons.

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