Will Mercedes teams run out of fuel?

Author of the article: , published March 14, 2014.

Mercedes racer Nico Rosberg warned that racers will face a big challenge when they have to drive a certain amount of fuel to the end of the race. The new rules this year dictate that racers must not use more than a hundred kilograms of fuel for the entire length of the race, the director of the race, Charlie Whiting, has already warned that the FIA ​​will not give in to potential offenders. Mercedes' engines are said to be the most powerful in the caravan, while also consuming more fuel, so teams with German-made powertrains could find themselves in trouble.

The configuration of the track in Albert Park is such that the race cars consume a lot of fuel, and Rosberg, who was the second fastest in the second free practice, is well aware of this.

“It was nice to sit in the race car again and I am very pleased with the progress we have made,” he said. “As always on Fridays, we don’t yet know how fast we are compared to others, as we don’t know how much fuel the others were driving. It will definitely be a big challenge to finish the race with so much fuel. The screen on my steering wheel shows me in each lap how much fuel I can use in that lap and as I saw in training, I will have to drive the race very disciplined. Overall, we started well and look forward to the rest of the weekend, ”Rosberg said.

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