Maribor students are also successful in the Czech Republic

Author of the article: , published September 10, 2015.

After an extremely successful competition in Győr, Hungary, the Maribor students proved once again that they can and know. On Sunday, September 6, in the Czech town of Most, they won 1st place in the skid-pad, 2nd place in both autocross and evaluation of engineering solutions, and 3rd place in the presentation of a business idea. 5th place in the promotion was shared with the Czech team TU Brno Racing.

In the overall standings, the team finished in 13th place. Despite not being able to complete the endurance test, the team ranked high, as the endurance test contributes as much as 45% of points to the overall total. This testifies to the fact that in all other tests, the team ranked at the very top, despite some bad luck in the endurance test.

The competition took place between 2 and 6 September, and the official results were announced on Sunday, 6.9. 28 racing cars with internal combustion engines and 13 electric vehicles took part in the competition.

This year's car is an evolution of last year's - it weighs only 165kg. He was the easiest in the competition. The formula mostly consists of carbon fibers, which the students lay themselves in the workshop of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Maribor. Among other things, the car is distinguished by the first carbon self-supporting chassis in Slovenia, which in itself weighs only 24 kg, as well as carbon suspensions and carbon rims with aluminum centers. For the engine, we opted for a single-cylinder 480 cm3 KTM engine powered by ethanol. It has 48 horsepower, which allows the car to reach a speed of 100 km / h in 3,9 seconds. This year, for the first time in the history of the project, the car is equipped with a complete aerodynamic package - both front and rear wings, hips and undertray. The car is mostly the work of students, made in the faculty workshop according to the ideas of the students themselves. In recent months, therefore, they have performed a huge number of engineering simulations and analyzes, which have enabled them to select the most engineering-optimal solutions.

About the competition itself
Student formula competitions consist of two main parts - static and dynamic. The static part consists of:
- Evaluation of engineering solutions,
o Here the judges review how the team tackled the problems that arise in the construction and what solutions they chose
- price analysis and sustainability analysis,
Business presentations, and
o Presentation of the business idea of ​​the team for marketing their services - the aim is to convince the judges that the investment in their business idea makes sense
- Technical review
o make it up
 safety review,
 chassis inspection,
 volume test,
 brake test,
 race car tilt test and
 technical inspection (if everything on the car matches the Formula Student rules).

The dynamic part consists of:
- promotion,
o The power-to-mass ratio is shown
- autocross,
o Similar to the endurance test, the quality and speed of the vehicle are shown
- skidpad,
o The dynamics and geometry of the vehicle and the quality of the chassis are shown here
Endurance test, and
o The quality, speed and durability of the car come to the fore
- fuel economy.
about how much fuel the car used during the endurance test compared to other teams

Formula Student is the largest competition in the world for engineering students who, with their knowledge, experience and under the auspices of universities and their sponsors and donors, compete every year in the production of a race car and in various road speed trials. The project first appeared in America in the 80's, and later began to appear and organize here in Europe.

The organizers of the competitions are engineering professional associations that, with the help of the largest companies in the automotive industry, such as Porsche, Daimler, Audi, Jaguar and others, organize tests of student formulas on various world racetracks.

There are about 500 Formula Student teams in the world, competing in about 40 competitions around the world each year. By participating in the design, construction, fabrication, optimal settings, cost and business plan, and final testing, students gain invaluable practical experience that they can use to their advantage in their careers after graduation.

The team, which operates under the auspices of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Maribor, for the fifth year in a row ranks in solid places in Formula Student class competitions that take place throughout Europe. This year’s success is for a team of historic value. Every year, the team becomes more recognizable, as it impresses judges, renowned experts from the world's largest companies, with its engineering solutions.

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