Lorenzo was bitten by mosquitoes at the start

Author of the article: , published April 14, 2014

Jorge Lorenzo found the explanation for his premature start at the race in Austin in the mosquitoes that had accumulated on the visor of his helmet. The Yamaha racer started much too soon, but when he realized his mistake, he continued driving and came to terms with the fact that he would have to serve a penalty run through the pits.

“When I got to the starting point, I had too many mosquitoes on the visor, so I decided to remove one of the layers, which confused me a lot. I didn’t think at all, nor was I focused, ”Lorenzo explained. “When I saw the red lights come on, I thought the race had started, so I let go of the clutch and started too fast. It was a big mistake, one of the biggest in my career. ”

“Lorenzo finished the race in tenth place after serving his sentence, thus picking up his first points for the World Championship this year.

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