Was Laber's death caused by a technical malfunction?

Author of the article: , published on May 30, 2013.


The circumstances of the tragic accident in which 53-year-old racer Hanspeter Laber lost his life are still unclear. The race in Verzegnis, Italy, ended, and around six o'clock in the evening, Laber sent his wife a text message in which he wrote: "We are already at the finish line, now we will return to the valley." He died five minutes later.

What caused the crash is still unclear, but news has leaked to the public that Hanspeter told his friend before the race that something was wrong with the shock absorbers. The Irish company that prepared Laber's car wanted to take the wreckage to its factory for investigation, but this was prevented by Hanspeter's brother Norbert through the Graz State Prosecutor's Office, who made sure to receive a full report of the car's investigation. an internal investigation would not have taken place. The prosecutor's office seized the wreckage and is already conducting an investigation, but so far a technical malfunction has not been ruled out. Meanwhile, Italian media report that Laber "risky overtook" another vehicle when returning to the valley. “I haven’t heard anything about it,” Norbert Laber commented on the Italian allegations.

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