Honda: We need to improve in many areas

Author of the article: , published on February 13, 2023.

The boss of the Repsol Honda team, Alberto Puig, admitted that after the first winter tests in Sepang, Honda is not yet at the level they would like to be, and that they need to improve in many areas.

Marc Marquez, who missed six races last year but was nevertheless the highest-ranked Honda rider in the championship, is Left Malaysia unsatisfied with the level of the RC213V motorcycle, which he said needed dramatic improvements despite the efforts of Honda engineers.

"In Sepang we tested the evolution of the motorcycle we tested in Valencia," explained Puig. "Testing will end for us in Portimao. It is obvious that we have not yet reached our goal. We have to keep testing solutions because we have a lot of ideas, but we have to put them on the track and make sure they work and that's what we're doing at the moment.”

Marquez said the Honda's power unit is strong enough, but the big problem is that they can't transfer that power to the track due to poor rear tire grip. Puig says: "This is one of our goals, but it is not the only one. We need to improve in many areas. We believe we are on the right track. At Sepang we had four bikes that were the same, just with different settings, but we don't have a completely new concept. We have not achieved our goals, although the power unit and chassis allow us to do a lot more, but we need more time."

Honda took at least one positive thing out of testing in Malaysia, and that is that Marquez rode without injuries this time. "Marc is fine, his condition is much better than this time last year. He can do a lot of laps without feeling the consequences in the form of soreness the next morning.”

Puig said that the other world champion in the team, Joan Mir, is also making good progress. "Joan is progressing, getting better and better and understanding the motorcycle more and more."

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Tomaz Krmac
1 year ago

Honda has known what it has to do for 4 years 🙂

Mirko Žuran
1 year ago

I would allow someone else to participate in the development

Borut Logar
1 year ago

You will never be a fraud again