Hamilton wins after a collision with a teammate

Author of the article: , published July 4, 2016.

Lewis Hamilton celebrated a new victory in the last lap of the race for the Austrian Grand Prix after a collision with teammate Nico Rosberg. Rosberg, who was on his way to victory before, finished in fourth place after a collision with an injured car, and with the collision, the Silver Arrows wasted a double victory, which caused spectators on the winners' stage to whistle Hamilton. Second was Max Verstappen and third was Kimi Raikkonen.

The race started in dry conditions, but Hamilton kept the lead in the first laps from the first starting position. But after a long series of laps, after a problem with the first change of tires in the pits, he drove to the track behind Rosberg, who picked a different tactic.

For a moment, Sebastian Vettel was in the lead, taking a risk with a long series of laps on super-soft tires, but his hopes of a good race floated on the water when, after 26 laps at high speed on the start-finish plane, his rear right tire blew up. . The German spun, crashed into a guardrail, and was unable to continue the race.

He brought a safety car to the track, and after the race resumed, the Mercedes, who had made two tire changes, had to overtake Verstappn, who had been in the pits only once, and then descend into a head-to-head duel to win. At the last stop, Rosberg put on a set of super-soft tires, which did not give him a significant advantage over Hamilton on the soft compound. The yellow-edged tires performed better in the given conditions, making it easy for the Briton to catch up with Rosberg, who was making his way through the line for a lap of lagging racers.

The duel culminated in the final lap when Hamilton and Rosberg, whose brakes failed, collided in the third turn, where the race was also decided.

Photos: Mercedes

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