Formula 1 adds another "sprint shootout" qualification to the sprint race weekends

Author of the article: , published April 25, 2023

The sprint racing weekends have undergone changes before the first sprint of the year, as on Saturday, instead of the second free practice, we will watch another qualification, which will determine the starting row of Saturday's sprint race. Qualifying for Sunday's race will take place on Friday.

New sprint weekend schedule:
Friday: FP1 and qualifying for Sunday's main race
Saturday: Sprint Shootout Qualifying and Sprint Race
Sunday: Grand Prix Race

Saturday's sprint shoot out will take place in three parts, like the main qualifications, except that the first part, called SQ1, will last 12 minutes, SQ2 part 10 minutes, and the last part, SQ3 part, will last eight minutes.

The racers will have to use medium hard tires in the first two stages and the softest compound in the last stage.

Any penalties for engine and gearbox changes will continue to carry over to the main race on Sunday, while the points system remains unchanged. Points are won by the first eight according to the 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 system.

However, the FIA ​​clarified when the racers will have to serve possible penalties for driving offences.

Penalty loss of starting places in FP1 or Friday Qualifying will apply to the main race. The Shootout qualifying penalty will be served in the sprint race, and any penalties from the sprint race will have to be served in the Sunday race.

Violation of the parc ferme will be penalized by starting from the garages in the sprint and main races.

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