Ducati is set for a big hit in the 2024 season, rivals want more

Author of the article: , published on November 12, 2023.

Motorcycle manufacturers involved in the MotoGP championship were briefed on Friday on the first draft of measures to help Yamaha and Honda catch up with European manufacturers. This foresees restrictions on tires, engines, wildcard appearances, but Ducati's rivals want even more severe restrictions.

The teams of Japanese manufacturers occupy the last places in the championship, so they are planning changes to the concession system in MotoGP before the 2024 season. The first draft of the new system that was presented, according to colleagues at Motorsport.com, was supported by Ducati, and includes restrictions on tire consumption, restrictions on testing and consumption of power units, and the exclusion of wildcard appearances.

The new system will be based on the number of points collected during the season. Ducati currently leads the 2023 championship with 626 points, KTM has collected 334, Aprilia 292, Yamaha 176, Honda 169. More when the team won points, the restrictions will be higher in the next season. The essence of the proposed concession system will be primarily the number of tires that will be available. Currently, each rider uses 200 tires during the season for racing and testing, but under the new system, Yamaha and Honda riders would have 230 tires available, Ducati's 170, KTM and Aprilia's somewhere in between, i.e. about the same as at present.

Also, how many wildcard appearances the producers would have would be based on the number of points. Ducati would thus not have any wildcard appearances in 2024, while Yamaha and Honda would have more available.

Only the number of private tests would remain unchanged, since in principle the tire limit should dictate how many test days a manufacturer can afford, and teams with fewer points could install a new power unit on their motorcycle several times. Currently, each racer can use seven of them.

But it gets complicated by the fact that all manufacturers have to support the changes, and while Ducati accepts the proposal, KTM and Aprilia disagree, wanting even greater restrictions. We would afford Ducati only 140 sets of tires, but we would like to keep 200, so 60 more.

Carlos Ezpeleta hopes that the manufacturers will find a common language so that the new concession system would be confirmed between the race in Qatar and the last race of the season in Valencia.

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