Rally Dakar: seven trucks with Goodyear tires in the toughest racing test

Author of the article: , published January 7, 2014.

Five racing trucks and two accompanying vehicles, all equipped with Goodyear tires, have already embarked on the world's toughest racing challenge in Argentina - the legendary Dakar Rally. In thirteen days, Goodyear's ORD tires will cover some 9.200 kilometers on some of South America's most difficult roads and cross the Andes, among other places.

The trucks belong to two Dutch teams: XDakar in GINAF Rally Power. XDakar works with two DAF CF racing trucks, which are accompanied by two identical service truck models throughout the rally. All four vehicles are equipped with tires Goodyear 375 / 90R22.5 ORD, which provide them with the necessary grip and reliability in the most demanding terrain. During the race, the service trucks, which serve as a workshop and spare parts warehouse, try to arrive at individual stops in front of the racing trucks so that a team of 13 skilled service technicians can start work immediately. The racing trucks of the XDakar team can be followed under the competition numbers 512 in 522.

GINAF, based in the Netherlands, is a manufacturer of special heavy-duty trucks; his direct involvement in the Dakar Rally and the former Paris-Dakar dates back to 1993. For the 2014 Dakar, the GINAF Rally Power team has registered three identical GINAF racing trucks, which will also run on tires. Goodyear 375 / 90R22.5 ORD; their competition numbers, however, are 511, 514 and 524.

The Dakar Rally started on January 5, 2014 in Rosario, Argentina. From there, the route takes participants west across the Andes and then across the hills north towards the border with Bolivia, which they will cross on 12 January. The next day, the teams will enter Chile and continue south, arriving in Valpariso on January 18, where the awards ceremony will take place.

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