Commissioners will introduce tougher penalties 

Author of the article: , published on June 30, 2018.

Formula 1 racing director Charlie Whiting said commissioners want to toughen penalties for racers that will cause an accident. After the race in France, there was a lot of talk about the five-second penalty that Sebastian Vettel received for colliding in the first turn with Valtteri Bottas. The German thus ruined the race for the Finn, as he damaged his car and pushed him to the rear. Some racers, including Lewis Hamilton, were of the opinion that the penalty was not appropriate. Whiting said commissioners are not taking into account the consequences that have been done to another racer involved in the crash. However, they are likely to take this into account in the future.
“Commissioners usually do not take into account the consequences of an accident. But if we are fair, we might subconsciously have to. ”
“If Vettel had continued the race without any problems, without injuries, the commissioners would have thought that was not fair, as he ruined the race for Bottas. So the decision would be different. What if the opposite happened? Vettel collides with Bottas, who continues. Should Vettel be given an extra penalty for causing an accident and ruining the race for himself? ”
"It simply came to our notice then. Talks can lead to something we don't expect at all. ”
After the race in France, many wondered why Vettel got a five-second penalty and Max Verstappen in China a ten-second penalty for colliding with a German. Whiting replied that there was a difference as one accident happened at the start and the other in the middle of the race.
“Accidents in the first turn or crowns are viewed from a slightly different angle. You can expect some things, you understand that they happen in the first round, but not 10 rounds later. ”
“Now we also have a system of penalty points with which we can penalize racers after the race. We also have a system that records all accidents, penalties and justifications for these penalties. Commissioners can access this system to look back in the event of an incident and see what the measure has been in the past for such an accident, thus imposing an appropriate penalty. ”

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