Audi wants a Formula 1 with four-wheel drive

Author of the article: , published July 14, 2021.

Representatives of Volkswagen brands Audi and Porsche were present at the recent talks on the powertrains of the new Formula 1 era, which will take place after 2025, and expressed the wish that the F1 race cars would be powered by four-wheel drive.

Italian colleagues at the Gazzetta dello Sport say that in the conversations that took place at the Red Bull Ring during the racing weekends, practically everyone agreed that race cars will continue to use hybrid powertrains in the future, but these would not be cheaper and easier.

Volkswagen is flirting with entering F1 with one of its brands, Audi or Porsche, and one of the conditions for that would be a change in one of the fundamental elements. “Representatives of German manufacturers with experience racing in the WEC and Formula E have suggested that the latest race cars be powered by four-wheel drive,” they say at the Gazzetta.

At the suggestion of Audi and Porsche, the front wheels would be powered by an electric generator, but Mercedes, Renault and Red Bull were not too enthusiastic about the proposal, and Ferrari left the door open, saying they are open to any solution that would cost less. , but would still promote hybrid technology.

Whether anything will come out of the proposal will be shown in the future, but with the new rules, race cars will almost certainly get rid of expensive, heavy and complex MGU-H technology, which recycles energy from exhaust gases.

The only thing left is the MGU-K (which recycles kinetic energy when braking), which is supposed to become more powerful and generate more energy, according to Gazzetta, where they say that the basic drive unit will continue to be a 1.6-liter 6-cylinder engine.

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