8th Alfa Romeo Festival - meeting of the Karst Bastards

Author of the article: , published on May 27, 2013.

The last Sunday in May in Gorjansko was again something special for owners and fans of Alfa Romeo vehicles. The traditional meeting, which was crowned with the Guinness World Record by Kraški Gadje last year, continued this year with the help of good weather. The eighth meeting was not intended for records, but in Gorjanski we could see a good number of Alfs, as many as 173.

The pleasant gathering of old and young Alfists and Alf was once again enriched this year by footballers, a varied music program, a karst market and even a pastor who blessed the vehicles. It is definitely worth mentioning the tourist ride, which this year was a bit more dynamic due to the smaller number of vehicles, but it certainly remains the heart of the event. We saw quite a few different models, some new vehicles, racing cars and also quite a few vintage ones, which is why one of the largest international meetings of Alfa Romeo owners and fans combines history and the latest technology, sporty heart and driving pleasure.

Congratulations to the organizers, and especially to Gad, congratulations on a successful project. Simple and short: "To be in Gorjansko is nothing special, to have Alfa a few thousand euros, but to be in Gorjansko on the Alf holiday is priceless!"

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