126 registered racers for Gorjanci

Author of the article: , published on June 15, 2014.

Next weekend, on the traditional 4,3 km long route from Gornja Težka voda to Veliki Cerovec, the international GHD Gorjanci will take place, the second race of this year's DP of Slovenia in mountain speed motoring. According to the established program, this year there will be three official training runs on Saturday, three races on Sunday, while verifications of the documents of the performers and technical inspections of their vehicles will be performed on Friday afternoon at the Prepih restaurant, where the service zone will be.

This year, the race will be considered the FIA ​​Mountain Championship of Historic Vehicles, the FIA ​​European Cup in Mountain Racing, the FIA ​​International Challenge in Mountain Racing, the FIA ​​CEZ Championship of Vintage Vehicles and the Croatian National Championship in Mountain Speed ​​Motoring.

After the paperwork and technical inspections on Friday, it will really be Saturday, as the official trainings are used to get to know the course in competitive conditions. There will be three of them again this year, and the first will start on Saturday at 11.00. The second training will be one hour after the return of the vehicles back to the service area, as well as the third, which will begin one hour after the end of the second. Competitors must complete at least one full run of training to be able to compete in the race on Sunday as well. The other two races are not obligatory, but usually all drivers take part in the competition, as this makes it easier for them to get used to the track. Every km driven in a race car comes in handy.

The course of each of the races, whether training or racing, is provided with a start list, in the order in which the performers bring their vehicles to the pre-start area. Then, following the instructions of the officials (starter and race director), they set off at half-minute intervals. Only between individual classes or groups is the interval larger, a minute or even two, all depending on the capacity of the vehicle waiting to start its ride. After the results achieved at the official trainings, then on Saturday the jury of the competition determines the order of starts in Sunday's race, in the reverse order within the classes or groups of vehicles. This means that the slowest one drives on the track first, followed by the fastest one. In this way, the events are also more interesting for spectators, as it is usually not known who will be the winner of the race until the last car on the track. At the end of each run, the race director's vehicle drives up towards the finish line, which then slowly brings a column of competing racers back to the service area, where the teams prepare them for the next ascent.

126 racers are registered for the race. You can see the list of applicants here - link.

(source: ghd-gorjanci.si)

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