10 cars worth the Nurburgring under € 10

Author of the article: , published April 22, 2015

Spring is just one thing for car enthusiasts - summer tires and the associated mileage on the surrounding bends and plains. Forget coffee in the sun and walks in the long daylight. The real "petrolhead" then only thinks about driving his car. For him, this is the long-awaited end of the period of small wheels that spoil the position and appearance of the vehicle - it's time for low-profile tires.

Just as it is nice to start a car on serpentines and windings, it is necessary to pay attention to more than just the ideal line through the bend. The first of these is certainly their own safety and the safety of other road users. Another thing is speedometers, which are often a sobering factor that sometimes hinders us from greater driving pleasure. Sometimes, however, their possible presence subconsciously inhibits some nonsense on the road.

But there is also the possibility of driving pleasure without fear of radars. Otherwise, in Slovenia we do not have the right racetracks to achieve higher speeds (Raceland is solidly arranged, but too small). Although there was talk of building a racetrack in our country or. renovation / upgrading of the existing ones, those real racetracks are still outside our borders.
The first larger and suitable for achieving higher speeds from cars is the Grobnik racetrack in Rijeka, Croatia, which is otherwise very unforgiving to tires with its slightly worn asphalt. There, events are organized every now and then, when it is possible to start on the track with your vehicle or rent a car.

The most famous among amateur lovers of driving around Europe is certainly the Nuerburgring in Germany. "Tourist rides" are popular among amateur drivers, which allow the general public to taste the charms of the racetracks first hand.
At both racetracks, it is possible to drive any personal vehicle - on the "Ring" you can see completely ordinary personal vehicles, caravans, minivans, SUVs and also combined vehicles intended for the transport of goods. To pay the entrance fee, anyone can turn into a racer for a couple of laps. But still - the pleasure of driving a Peugeot Boxer van around the racetrack cannot be compared to driving a sporty Porsche Boxster. Even though the names are so similar.

Since an individual's financial resources are often limited, we have prepared a list of vehicles from the online classifieds of used vehicles, which are available for less than ten thousand and at the same time worth visiting the racetrack with them. These, along with basic driving skills, will ensure dynamic driving for pleasure through the turns of racetracks. With a little skill, you will also be envied by the drivers of more expensive supercars, whose outlines will shine in the rearview mirror.


Alfa 156 GTA

1 Alfa Romeo 156 GTA

Although the interior works comfortably, the Alfa 156 GTA looks very much like a touring car on the outside. This is mainly due to the extended bumpers and fenders, which indicate the power of the engine. Alfas generally lose a lot on the price of a new vehicle over the years, so this can be yours for as little as € 7000.

BMW M3 E36

2 BMW E36 M3s
Like every BMW M3, this one represents the top of the engine range of the 3 Series. This is the second generation of this model, which is slowly regaining its value if it is a preserved model. Prices start at € 7000.


3 BMW 5 Series E34 DRIFT
To spice things up, I also chose a real drift car, which is available with us. Although it is a purpose-built modified drift vehicle that will require a bit of negotiation to drive through a busy Nuerburgring, this is still not a barrier to purchase. With the stated 346 horsepower, it is the most powerful vehicle on the list, and the price is just under € 8000.

Ford Focus ST

4 Ford Focus ST

The 2,5-liter Volvo five-cylinder will provide a satisfying soundstage, and with its price it is one of the cheaper vehicles on the list - the rest of the money can be spent on a more streamlined sports exhaust system. It is available for as little as € 6500.


Honda integra

5 Honda Integra
Despite coming of age, the Honda Integra seems ready for the runway. Although he is among the weakest on the list, I’m sure he’ll make up for that with cornering behavior if he shares at least some DNA with his older sister Honda NSX, who was also praised by legend Ayrton Senna. There are not many of them available, prices start at € 7000.

Renault Clio RS

6 Renault Clio RS
Together with the Peugeot 207 RC from the list, they represent the smallest class, the so-called "pocket rocket". The renewed version of the previous generation Clio is currently the last RS available with a manual transmission and an atmospheric engine. Although ge for a newer model, it has already lost half the value of the new one - current prices are around € 10000.

Subaru Impreza Wrx STi

7 Subaru Impreza Wrx STi
With its four-wheel drive, the Impreza is at home on rally tracks, but it will still not be a problem to drive it around the corners of the "Ring" - with a huge air deflector at the rear, it is impossible to miss it. It is very affordable for a car with such a history - from € 8500 onwards.

Porsche Boxster S

8 Porsche Boxster S
With tens of thousands, it is also possible to get a Porsche. Racing without a roof is not recommended, but even with a closed roof, the Boxster will be able to achieve driving pleasure. It can be used for 9500 €.

Volkswagen Golf V GTI

9 Volkswagen Golf V GTI DSG
The Golf GTI is one of the few mid-priced vehicles that can get away with automatic shifting on the racetrack thanks to the excellent DSG transmission. Models with a manual transmission are also available, prices start at € 9000.

Peugeot 207 RC

10 Peugeot 207 RC
Unlike the Clio atomospheric engine from the same size class, the 207 RC is backed by a turbocharger, making the vehicle easier to optimize. Available from 8000 €.

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